My Favorite Gaming Music

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Current Gaming, Retro Gaming
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I was inspired by the blog linked above to list my own favorite pieces of video game music. This isn’t a ranked list at all, just a few pieces that came to my mind after reading the related post.

Mega Man 2/3

The Mega Man games are widely known for great soundtracks, and I think the series hit its peak with these two games. The Mega Man 2 piece has a sense of urgency about it, which is very appropriate at it’s the first stage of Wily’s castle. What I love about the Mega Man 3 theme is how it starts off slowly, then ramps up.

Xenoblade Chronicles

This is a very well done piece of music and has a quality that’s required of music you’ll be listening to for a while (the Bionis Leg section is rather large), it doesn’t get old. I could easily put this on a loop and be entertained by it for hours. Speaking of such music:

Bubble Bobble

It’s Bubble Bobble. Over 100 levels, one piece of music, and it works wonderfully. This game had to have perfect music. Had it been tedious at all, it could have ruined the gameplay.


Of course Bloody Tears has to be on here. Few game franchises are so tied to one piece of music. I chose the Super Castlevania IV version as it has always been my favorite. The Castlevania II piece may confuse some people, but it has always been a piece that appealed to me.


I chose a piece from The Ark of Napishtim for the PS2/PSP, but you would be hard pressed to go wrong with any Ys music. It is extremely well composed and never fails to enhance the game.

The Legend of Zelda

Once again I show my love for Zelda 2 on the NES. I would hope that even though it’s considered the black sheep, everyone can get behind the great theme that plays when you’re in the game’s Palaces. This piece was revisited for a stage in Super Smash Brothers Melee. The second piece is one I actually prefer to the main Zelda theme, the piece that plays when Link is in the Dark World in A Link to the Past. I’ve always loved the moment when he is transported there and arrives on top of the pyramid. Once the music kicks in and you realize there is an entirely new world to explore? Amazing moment.


I started this post by saying these wouldn’t be ranked, and while that is true, I have to say that NIER has my favorite OST of any game I’ve ever played. Not only is the music extremely well composed, but the vocals of Emi Evans are amazing. According to interviews, she was asked to compose her own lyrics to the written music in a futuristic language. She was given a style, then asked to invent words in said style (Gaelic, Spanish, Italian, etc…). Even if this is a game you’ve no desire to play, you owe it to yourself to listen to a bit of the OST. I am completely unable to put in words how amazing and moving it is.

  1. brandonmc87 says:

    Bloody Tears! YES. Check out the SotN version (it often gets overlooked because it doesn’t get played during Alucard’s quest in the PS1 version):

    • javgbadmin says:

      Not sure if I’ve heard that before. I’m trying to remember if it was on the special disc that game with Portrait of Ruin (I think it was Portrait of Ruin). Pretty good though. Hard to go wrong with any version of Bloody Tears.

  2. Brian says:

    Do you partake of the remixes on OverClocked ReMix?

    • javgbadmin says:

      Can’t say I have. I usually stick to whatever I already have or what I find on YouTube. I intend to check this out though, now that you’ve brought it to my attention. Thanks!

  3. Kaven says:

    i have to agree on Nier.well not quite favorite yet perhaps,but it’s very well done and impactful.the colossus theme for instance,starts off heavy and awe-inspiring and the vocals continue to maintain that feel.the castlevania themes are good too,but i’ve heard other version of Bloody Tears i liked more.funny what you said about Bubble Bobble,likely to be true.also agreed on Zelda themes.Dark World has always been a favorite,the sounds represent the world well(low key and heavy,kinda).never played any Ys(except a little of one on Steam),they are heavy on fast-paced catchy themes.but it’s not bad by any means.

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