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Posted: October 21, 2013 in Current Gaming
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I’m a confessed Nintendo fanboy. I’m not the annoying, trolling type (at least, I hope I’m not), but as I’ve explained before, I root for them the way I would root for a sports team. I’ve assumed for some time that I did so because my childhood is so tied to the company. Some kids were Sega kids, I was a Nintendo kid. The more I think about it though, the more I think that it isn’t all about that.

Now, make no mistake, there is quite a bit of appeal in having history with a game or a system. I think this goes deeper than that though. A shared history wouldn’t make me enjoy current games.

With the incoming next-gen consoles, I’ve been reading a lot about the launch and launch window games. I’m not going to lie here, if I had the funds to do so, I’d be tempted to get a PS4. It’s new and exciting. But, when that temptation hits and I look at the lineup of games, I can’t figure out why I would do so. I can’t find anything off hand coming out for the PS4 that excites me. They’re all very pretty and such, but are also very serious. As a gamer, I’ve learned that I don’t like serious. Life is serious. I already have life. I want fantasy and fun. I want escape, not gray and sepia toned worlds that are generally grim and joyless.

Just look at those colors!

They’re about to break into dance, I just know it.

Okay, okay. I’m being way too general, but I have to speak very broadly on such issues. And keep in mind that this is all my opinion. I’m not trying to shape anyone else’s thoughts, just explain my own. I’m also not saying that serious games can’t be fun. Call of Duty sells millions of games with each installment. Someone is enjoying those, it just happens to not be me.

Okay, maybe not so realistic

Okay, maybe not so realistic

This brings me back to Nintendo. Outside of the memories I have of Nintendo, I’m drawn to their games because I simply find them fun. Nintendo doesn’t make “serious” games, at least not in the sense that some other developers make them. Super Mario Galaxy is a “serious” game in it’s design and execution, but in the story and gameplay, it abandons seriousness for a heck of a lot of fun. The same is true for Donkey Kong Country and Kirby and Pikmin. Even with their franchises that could be considered darker like Starfox or Metroid, the games are fun and involved and absorbing. Ultimately, that’s what draws me to Nintendo.

And note that I can also find this escape in a game like Dead Space or Resident Evil 4. Those are dark and gritty and serious, but for they also cast me in situations that, God willing, I could never conceivably find myself in.

Obviously, there are many other games that I would put into this same escape/fun/fantasy category aside from the mostly whimsical ones I’ve mentioned above. Castlevania, Ratchet & Clank, Dead Space, Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy, etc… It just so happens that more games that appeal to me land on Nintendo consoles than any other. It doesn’t help that so much focus is going towards FPS and war games. Personally, those don’t appeal to me. Again, I don’t care for the realistic nature of war and crime and such. That’s just me. I’ll take Stockholm Syndrome in the Mushroom Kingdom any day of the week.

  1. Kaven says:

    you make a strong valid point about war games and seriousness.that’s not exactly the point of a game.those are more like simulation than anything else.but yeah this is generalizing.PS1 and PS2 have games that aren’t like that.i’ve also been a Nintendo kid,up until the Playstation’s appearance.until that console came,i never cared too much for something not Nintendo related.

    • javgbadmin says:

      The PS2 especially excelled at having a variety of games. Even with a 360 and quite a few games, it still seems like an FPS machine sometimes. The PS2 catered to every whim a gamer could have, which is probably why it completely destroyed the competition. This is where I think the PS3 failed. Just didn’t have the same variety, but then game makers are going away from that as well, it seems. Sadly.

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