My Favorite Gaming Music – Part 2

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Current Gaming, Retro Gaming
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From the moment I did my previous post on gaming music, I knew I’d make another one. I have a notoriously bad memory and was sure I’d left some out. And, as expected, I did.

Blaster Master

I’m cheating a bit here by using the theme from Blaster Master: Overdrive, published via WiiWare, instead of the NES Blaster Master. This is a remix of the original music, so I think it’s fair. When I first downloaded and started up Overdrive, I wasn’t even thinking about the theme, but as soon as the screen with Sophia in the tunnel appeared, it instantly came back to me, and my excitement was peaked. To me, when a game’s theme immediately pumps you up for the game, it’s something special. This music also has the task of keeping you entertained while looping, much like Bubble Bobble.

Mega Man X

Along with living up to the gameplay of it’s preceding series, X also had to match the outstanding soundtracks of the NES Mega Man games. The driving techno themes were right at home in the stages of Mega Man X. My brother and I would actually go to the soundtest screen and listen to the themes back before the days of Youtube or torrent sites.


I’ve used tracks exclusively from F-Zero X here, but as the entire series likes to remix music, you can truly pick a game and find great music. It speaks well of the composing that I can easily associate each piece of music with its respective track. As an aside, I’ve always thought the music of F-Zero X specifically bore a strong resemblance to the soundtrack of Mega Man X. A couple of composers for F-Zero & F-Zero X did go on to work on the soundtrack for Mega Man X2 & X4, but that doesn’t explain the similarities I hear to the music in the original Mega Man X, especially Big Blue above.

Resident Evil

This one requires some explanation as it seems like I’m reaching. I’m not adding this piece because I think the music is fantastic, although it isn’t bad at all, but because of the emotions it evokes. The Resident Evil series (up through and including 4) kept you on edge. You never had a reason to feel safe in any room unless you entered a room with a typewriter, which allowed you to save your game. As soon as you heard the theme music start up you knew you could relax in that room. It was okay to let your guard down. While there’s nothing particularly special to this theme, it is so tied to an emotion that I had to include it.

Secret of Evermore

The Hall of Collosia is a dilapidated Greek-ish ruin that you must explore in Secret of Evermore. It’s dark and in shambles and holds a few mysteries. The theme that plays behind that conveys a heavy air of mystery and loneliness, in my opinion. It’s yet another piece that I would listen to independent of the game itself, though it will always make me think of that area.

Metroid Prime

The Metroid franchise has always had pretty good gaming music. Fitting to your surroundings and conveying a mood that goes well with the game. Of all the tracks though, the two that play in the Phendrana section of Metroid Prime stand out to me. The first plays as you explore the drifts of the Phendrana area, full of snow and ice. There’s a strong sense of loneliness flowing in the music. Once you get into the pirate base in this area, the second track kicks in and has a more techno oriented beat, similar to something Enigma would have done (preview the Voyageur album for a good comparison). In this case, whenever I think about the Phendrana area, these two tracks are both embedded in my mind along with the area, which, to me, is a sign of well placed and well written music.

  1. Kaven says:

    i get Boomer,but i think i like Spark Mandrill more.Phendrana Drift is also one of my all time favorites.i like how you pick your favorites.they just have to stand out and make you feel a special way,instead of being catchy/beautiful alone.oh and i can certainly understand the Typewriter one.i played 4 all the way through(pretty much) and i did like that music,that room.

    • javgbadmin says:

      Mega Man X is one of those games like Mega Man 2 or 3, where you could pick any track and it would be great. Those are literally just the first two that came to mind when I was picking these.

      The RE4 typewriter room music is well composed, dreary, but calming and soothing at the same time.

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