Post Game Wrap-up: NES Remix 2

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Current Gaming, Post Game Wrap-up
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NES Remix 2

For starters, you almost have to read my Post Game Wrap-up for the original NES Remix (Found here: to follow this entry. I’m going to be referring to that game quite a bit, but that’s because while this game is a sequel, it could be viewed as more of an expansion of the original game. Therefore, I’m going to be referencing how this game fares in relation to the first quite often. Plus, I just like referencing my previous work. 😀

The Set-up:
Exactly like the original. And I mean exactly. The only change in this game is the lineup of games that are offered, as well as the inclusion of Super Luigi Brothers (a mirror of the original Super Mario Brothers) and a Championship mode if you’ve also purchased the first NES Remix.



The Gameplay:
First of all, here is the lineup of games included in NES Remix 2:

Dr. Mario   /   Ice Hockey   /   Kid Icarus   /   Kirby’s Adventure
Metroid   /   NES Open Tournament Golf   / Punch-Out!!   /   Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
Super Mario Bros. 2   /   Super Mario Bros. 3   /   Wario’s Woods   /   Zelda II: Adventure of Link

It’s worth noting that Ice Hockey and Golf are both limited inclusions, showing up in the Bonus Round.

I’m going to skip over the full explanation of how this game works. Briefly, each game has a number of short challenges which you are ranked on. Rankings are from 1 Star to 3 Rainbow Stars. There are also Remix Challenges which change-up the games in some way.

Off the wall, but very fun.

Off the wall, but very fun.

What’s most noticeable here is how much better these games control than those found on the first NES Remix. I realize that those games were the precursors to many of the games included here, but the controls can be astoundingly frustrating as a result. I played those games as a kid too, so this isn’t a case of not having played many of them before. These games, though, were made after the developers at Nintendo truly began to hone their craft. This was my main complaint with the first game, and what made me happiest about this sequel. Actually, when this game was announced, I was amazed to see that every single game I said should have been in the first game was included in the second, and all were done justice.

What I truly love about these entries is that in each game, the challenges slowly progress you through the game in bits and pieces. With some of these, I never actually saw the end levels (looking at you Kid Icarus), so getting to see that and fight some of the bosses was a great joy. I cited this as a major positive in the first entry, and it is still true here. I also like the ranking system, which is a great motivator to keep trying the challenges in order to improve your time. The fact that any given challenge rarely takes more than a minute means that you can attempt them over and over without suffering from fatigue. I was also much less frustrated in this entry, almost solely because the games included are just better games.

Much better games.

Much better games.

A gripe I had in the first game was that Nintendo was too safe in their “Remix” stages. I think they worked to be more interesting in this game. Yes, there are still some of the same ideas (your character is constantly moving forward, or the screen is zooming out), but there are more instances of characters from one game being moved into another game. That’s when this game is at it’s best. It takes a game you may know inside and out, and twists it into something new. That’s a pure joy.

To me, this game is what the first entry should have been, but at the same time, I understand why Nintendo made some of the decisions they did. I consider the first entry as a test run, and this game the fruit of that run. I’ve already said this, but with this kind of game, it all comes down to the games that are included. NES Remix was very hit and miss there, but in NES Remix 2, I think it’s almost all hit. Even a game like Wario’s Woods, which I’ve never been able to master, I realize that the game is sound, it’s just that I’m not great at it. That’s far different from a game like Ice Climbers in the first entry, where I felt like the controls were handicapping me all too often.

The bottom line here is that this is a great game. It appeals to those of us that played these games back when the NES was king, as well as those that may have never played these games, but have been told how great they are and how they shaped video games as we know them. This is one of those rare occasions where I’m hard-pressed to find a negative. Yes, it is identical to the first NES Remix, but the content is totally different, so even that’s not something that can take away from it. I can only hope that we soon see more incarnations of this idea, from Super NES Remix and GameBoy Remix to, perhaps, a NES Remis: Third Party Edition. I’d just love to take on Dracula with Mega Man, or try a Ninja Gaiden stage with Sophia from Blaster Master. Make it happen Nintendo.

Just pure fun.

Just pure fun.


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