On January 16, 2017, I published my last blog on this site. Since that time, my blog has been dormant as the demands of work and parenting have taken priority. My interest in doing this hasn’t waned, but the time needed to actually sit down and do it justice just has not been there.

As we roll into 2019, I’ve found that my work has levelled out, giving me back my evenings and nights, and as my daughter ages, the requirement of watching her 24/7 eases a bit to about 22/7, so that’s something. As such, I’ve decided now is the time to give this blog a fresh start.

A couple of things:

– When I say fresh start, I don’t mean that there will be drastic changes, only that I’m rededicating myself to keeping this updated with fresh posts. They won’t be as numerous as they once were, hopefully about one per week. When I first started this blog, I forced myself to do three post per week. I know now that this led to some burnout on my part, and meant that I burned thru many topics without giving them the attention they deserved. That’s not going to happen anymore. I’m doing this because I enjoy it and I want you guys reading it to enjoy it as well. That means taking more time per post, crafting it to be the best post I can make it. If you’re taking your time to read something I’m writing, I owe it to you to make it worth that time.

– If you’ve previously followed me on Twitter, I’m now @JAVGB2. My previous account (@JAVGB1) has been deactivated. I had quite a few followers, and followed quite a few myself, but I found that many of the people I enjoyed interacting with had either left the site, or had turned their attention to political posts. I don’t mind this, everyone has the right to post about what is important to them, but I’m on Twitter to discuss gaming. I don’t want the negativity that a political discussion on social media too often brings. It tends to get me into trouble because sometimes I forget myself and chime in, even though I know better. Hence, I removed it. Still, I like Twitter, so I figured the best solution was to start fresh. I’d be very happy to have you follow me if you wish, but just be aware that I’ve become very selective in whom I follow, based on what they tweet about often. Again, I would never chide someone for what they post, but I have made the conscious decision to avoid it if at all possible.

– I’m giving very, very serious consideration to starting a Podcast. I’m laying the groundwork now. Much like this blog, it’s something I find exciting and believe I would enjoy doing. It may never happen, but if it does, I’ll link those here and would be extraordinarily grateful if any of you chose to give me your time in listening to anything I may post.

That’s about it. I’m glad to be back on here. I hope that you guys will comment profusely because as much as I like writing these posts, I love the discussions they sometimes bring about far more. Again, thanks for taking a few minutes to read my meanderings. I’m not owed any views, so I’m extremely grateful for any I get. Thanks!


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